Front Page Content Sections

Content sections are used to insert actual page content and page title into the areas that are dedicated to this function. You get 3 content areas, but to give you an example from the live demo site, this is one:

fp content section2

Locations of each section are outlined in the dark grey areas:

fp sidebars

You have a lot of flexibility with what you place in each section because you are inserting pages that you create. If you go to the Front Page tab of the customizer and enter into the FP – Section Content 1, 2, and 3 tabs, you will get the following settings and options….we will use the demo site’s section 2 for this tutorial:

  1. Select Page – This lists all the pages in your website. Select one to insert into your section
    fp section2 page
  2. Section ID – Add a number or name for your section if you plan to use a one-page scrolling layout
    fp section2 id
  3. Section Padding – Adjust the top and bottom padding space by entering in a number value or use the arrows (mouseover the field)
    fp section2 padding
  4. Show Title – This will show the page title
    fp section2 title
  5. Center Content – This will center your section content
    fp section2 center
  6. Background Image – Use this to insert a background image
    fp section2 bg
  7. Section Background Colour – If you don’t plan to use an image
    fp section2 bgcolour
  8. Content Title colour – Colour your title
    fp section2 titlecolour
  9. Content Title Line Colour – Colour of the title’s bottom border (line)
    fp section2 line
  10. Content Text Colour – Colour your main text content
    fp section2 text

Each additional content section will have the same settings and options for you, but you do not have to use them all; you can choose which sections to add content to.