Front Page Project Portfolio

Dedicated to the front page template, you get to showcase a portfolio projects gallery. However you setup each portfolio item is going to be up to you, but basically each portfolio project thumbnail is a link to a post with a featured image. I would recommend creating a blog category that is used soley for your portfolio so that when you setup your front page, you will be selecting the category to display.

fp projects

Each thumbnail has a nice animated effect to it, which displays the post’s title on hover and is clickable to send the visitor to that project’s post page. 

You can access the porfolio settings and options by going to the Front Page tab in the customizer and then to the FP – Portfolio Projects section:

fp projects tab

  • Show Portfolio Section – You can enable or disable this section from your front page template
    fp project show
  • Portfolio Category – Choose the category to display projects from
    fp projects cat
  • Number of Posts – You can display up to 8 projects (4 per row)
    fp projects count
  • Section Padding – Adjust the top and bottom padding (space) by entering in a number or use the arrows when hovering over the field.
    fp projects padding
  • Section Heading – If you want a heading for this section
    fp projects title
  • Section Intro – If you want an introduction for this section
    fp projects intro
  • Section ID – If you want to use a one-page scrolling layout
    fp projects id

Project Thumbnails

To maintain a consistent look and style for your portfolio showcase gallery, I strongly recommend you do one of two things:

  1. Crop and size your post featured images the same size for each one
  2. Turn on the “Grid Thumbnails” setting from the “Blog Options” tab in the customizer (Recommended)

Turning on the Grid Thumbnails will automatically create post featured thumbnails that are 635×400 pixels in size and will maintain a consistent size and look to your portfolio gallery. For the actual post itself, you can use any size of images you want.