Header Styles

With this theme you get three header styles, each have the option to be fixed (sticky) or scrollable–which means as you scroll down the page, the header floats up with the page content.


Set Your Header Style

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Site Options
  2. Look for the “Header Style” setting and make your choice.
    setting header style
  3. Click “Save & Publish

Menu Styling with the Headers

I should mention that the Header One is the default style, so your main menu colours will be as you see in the first screenshot. If you change to the second or third header style, you will need to change the menu colour settings.

Large Logos and Big Menus

If your site has a large logo, the best header is the third one because it gives you the most space. You can have it as wide as you want and almost as tall as you want because this style is vertically aligned in the middle as well centered horizontally. This header (as well as the second one) works well for menus with a lot of links.

Extra Sidebar – Header

With the Header Two option, you get an extra sidebar position (Header) added for limited content to be displayed. I would recommend keeping to small text or small banner ads and graphics. Try to keep the height within reason so it doesn’t create an oversized header.