Shortcodes – Buttons

Buttons are going to be easy to create with shortcodes, but this is what we will be making:

sc buttons

Available code elements:

  • size – for the size of the button which are: small-button, large-button, xlarge-button
  • style – header-button and centered-button
  • link – the link (full url) for your button
  • text – the button text (label)

Shortcode to use is:

This is the full usage of button elements, but you do not have to use them all — with the exception to the link and text label; the rest can be left out.

[sp-button size="small-button" style="header-button" link="" text="Read More"]

Note As a side note, if you need to make any style modifications with CSS, you can do that in a custom stylesheet to change things like padding, margins, or add your own custom classes.