Make Your Choice

If you just need one theme, then the Single Theme option is ideal for you, but if you want access to all themes both current and future releases of new themes, then you can opt in for the Premium or Lifetime memberships. You also have the option to “upgrade” from Single to Premium or Lifetime membership at any point of time.

Single Theme

1 Year access to one theme plus updates and support


  • Includes
  • 1 Theme included
  • 1 year of theme updates
  • 1 year of theme support
  • 5 Domain Licenses
  • Membership upgrade option
  • Perfect for individuals
  • Themes
  • Includes
  • Access to current themes
  • Access to new theme releases
  • 2 years of theme updates
  • 2 years of premium support
  • 10 Domain Licenses
  • Membership upgrade option
  • Sign Up

Lifetime Membership

Lifetime access to current & new themes, updates, and support


  • Includes
  • Lifetime  access to themes
  • Lifetime theme updates
  • Lifetime premium support
  • Current & Future themes
  • Unlimited Domain Licenses
  • Perfect for Design Studios
  • Sign Up

FAQ’s About Signing Up

Just a few bits of information for you to know about when making your choice above

How Many Themes do I Get when I sign-up?

If you are just purchasing the single theme option, then you get access to just that theme only. However, if you sign-up for either the Premium or Lifetime Membership, you get access to all current themes plus access to any new theme we release in the future throughout your active membership.

What does the Number of Domain Licenses Mean?

Basically this means that you can install the theme on as many websites that you want with no restrictions, but the license key that you get will give you access to receiving free theme updates for the number of domain licenses listed. For the Lifetime Membership, you get unlimited licenses.

How Long Will I Receive Updates & Support?

For single theme purchases, you get a full year, but if you sign-up for the Premium Membership, you get 2 full years of updates with support. However, if you opt in for the Lifetime Membership, you get updates with support for every theme for life… no renewing of your membership is required.