Using WordPress as a website without a blog

Something interesting happened today when I was on Twitter. I came across a tweet from WPTavern which posted an article introducing a new plugin that disabled most of the blogging features of WordPress. Technically it doesn’t remove them from WordPress, but rather it hides them from the website administrator (you). I read the post and immediately went to download this plugin because I wanted to try it out on a new installation of WordPress. So why does this interest me? Keep reading…

8 Important things to know before making your website

It’s amazing how much has changed from the old days of building websites, especially when you had to hire a web site designer to make your website that ended up costing you a lot of money. In those days, you still had premade HTML and Flash (remember flash?) templates. Eventually we started to see content management systems come into view like Mambo, Movable Type, and WordPress.