Emphasize Pro is updated to version 1.3.2

This is actually an update announcement that combines two updates because one was missed being posted as version 1.2.2. This next version of 1.3.2 is a major update and it adds several new features, such as two additional sidebar positions, and also a second header style to your choices from the customizer. I also did some other updates, bug fixes, and reorganized the customizer layout of options so that they make more sense in the order they appear. 

 Change Log (Version 1.3.2)

  • Added a second header style
  • Added extra options to the customizer when selecting your header style
  • Added 2 sidebars at the top of the header side-by-side-by-side
  • Added the option to adjust the main menu top spacing
  • Removed the default menu when no custom menu is made (style conflicts)
  • Created a new customizer section called “Site Options” and moved select settings to this tab
  • Updated the language .pot file

Change Log (Version 1.2.2)

  • Added a missing main content area background colour setting in the customizer
  • Removed the theme info page from the Appearance admin menu group
  • Added theme info to the top of the customizer
  • Adjusted the social icon positioning to center the icons correctly
  • Reorganized the colour option settings to be better grouped
  • Updated the language .pot file.

How To Update

Download your theme package again, but this time you will unzip the theme file itself. Using an FTP program, upload the new theme files to replace the existing theme files. In this case, the one you will extract (unzip) is the emphasizepro.zip file.

IMPORTANT Always make a backup of your site and theme before updating themes, plugins, and WordPress.