Longevity Pro updated to version 1.3.5

Longevity Pro has a minor update that fixes and changes a few issues that were discovered. When a theme includes custom text content capability from the WordPress customizer, this content cannot be translated by traditional means. Because of this, I had to remove the custom sticky “Featured” and “Read More” labels from this theme in favor of the standard language string methods.

Change Log

  • Removed the Featured and Read More label options due to a bug when translating (does not work)
  • Changed the custom Featured and Read More code to use regular language strings.
  • Fixed the method for generating archive page titles due to a bug.
  • Updated the longevitypro.pot language file

How To Update

Download your theme package again, but this time you will unzip the theme file itself. Using an FTP program, upload the new theme files to replace the existing theme files. In this case, the one you will extract (unzip) is the longevitypro.zip file.

IMPORTANT Always make a backup of your site and theme before updating themes, plugins, and WordPress.