Opportune Pro update to version 1.0.3

Opportune Pro was just updated to fix a few issues that were found in the theme. This version also contains a major update to the Opportune Pro Shortcodes plugin. Updating your plugin will affect several shortcodes that you might already be using, so unfortunately, you will need to modify your shortcodes. This was a necessary update for the shortcodes because of some issues causing errors. You can refer to the setup tutorials for changes made. 

 Change Log

  • Fixed the Error page settings that were not changing from the customizer
  • Fixed the page published date string
  • Removed the theme info page from the Appearance menu group and moved it to the customizer as buttons
  • Updated the Opportune Pro Shortcodes plugin – Extensive changes that will affect your current shortcodes
  • Updated language strings for WooCommerce
  • Updated the opportune-pro.pot language file

How To Update

Download your theme package again, but this time you will unzip the theme file itself. Using an FTP program like “WS_FTP LE” or “Filezilla”, upload the new theme files to replace the existing theme files. In this case, the one you will extract (unzip) is the opportunepro.zip file.

IMPORTANT Always make a backup of your site and theme before updating themes, plugins, and WordPress.