Seasonal Pro updated to version 1.1.4

Seasonal Pro was just updated to fix several issues that were brought forward. This is also a major update because of the changes made which brings this version to 1.1.4. One major change is the removal of the Genericons set of icons in favor of Font Awesome, so a few social icons were removed while others added. 

 Change Log

  • Fixed the quote post format featured image positioning
  • Fixed the show/hide post author setting not working on the full post view.
  • Fixed the missing grid layout when viewing archived posts.
  • Fixed missing Edit link on the full post view
  • Fixed missing Next and Previous post navigation not showing
  • Added a setting to show or hide the Next/Previous post navigation.
  • Fixed the Tags and Categories translation strings to working
  • Updated the seasonal-pro.pot language file.
  • Added descriptions to checkbox settings in the customizer
  • Changed Genericons for Font Awesome icons (will affect social icons)
  • Added Feedburner to the social icons
  • Added settings to the customizer to disable Font Awesome and Bootstrap if using a plugin
  • Updated theme icons to use Font Awesome
  • Fixed the option setting that enables cyrillic fonts for this theme

How To Update

Download your theme package again, but this time you will unzip the theme file itself. Using an FTP program, upload the new theme files to replace the existing theme files. In this case, the one you will extract (unzip) is the file.

IMPORTANT Always make a backup of your site and theme before updating themes, plugins, and WordPress.