Shaped Pixels Pro updated to version 2.0.1

Shaped Pixels Pro was just updated to fix a few bugs and also bring it up to date in preparation for WordPress 4.4 which is about to be released. I’ve also added a few feature enhancements, but most of the changes are in the background, so most won’t be seen. 

 Change Log

  • Tested theme in WordPress version 4.4
  • Added enqueue method for inline styles
  • Replaced Genericons with Font Awesome icons
  • Replaced the Social network icons with the Font Awesome versions, plus added Deviant Art, Xing, and VK
  • Added enable/disable settings for various in-page elements
  • Added option to disable Font Awesome
  • Added option to disable the Bootstrap grid if you use a plugin for loading Bootstrap
  • Cleaned up styling on various elements and layouts, including minor font size adjustments
  • Updated the Google fonts link in the functions file
  • Fixed missing language strings
  • Updated the shapedpixelspro.pot language file
  • escaped language strings
  • sanitized functions throughout the theme
  • Added a theme Information page to the Appearance Menu group
  • Fixed the customizer preview of the blog not displaying correctly
  • Updated how the logo is added from the customizer
  • Enhanced Structured Data ( for the theme

How To Update

Download your theme package again, but this time you will unzip the theme file itself. Using an FTP program, upload the new theme files to replace the existing theme files. In this case, the one you will extract (unzip) is the file.

IMPORTANT Always make a backup of your site and theme before updating themes, plugins, and WordPress.